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Full Arch Implant Restorations "All on Four"

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Often times, there is a point in life where we begin to recognize that our teeth are no longer providing us with the function we once had. You can no longer smile with confidence, you can’t enjoy the foods you love, or speak as clearly as you once did, and you’re tired of dental pain. You have decided that it’s time to do something about your failing teeth, or maybe you have dentures that just aren’t working for you! You have found the right place. At the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center, we want to help you get back to your most comfortable and confident self and we can provide you with the full arch implant restoration, often called an “all on 4,” that you have been looking for.



A full arch implant, or “all on four” restoration refers to the restorative technique involving removal of all remaining teeth in one or both arches, the placement of four implants per arch, and the delivery of a new set of teeth attached your implants the same day.


At the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center, we performed our first full arch implant restorative procedure in 1985, and have helped pioneer the design of today’s modern prosthesis. Dr. Carl Schulter is the founder and president of Cagenix, a local implant device company here in Memphis, TN. The Center has developed many high-quality alternative options in the design & materials for a customizable aesthetic full arch fixed restoration. In the development of these new products, we have performed a number of clinical trials that has led us to develop new surgical procedures and restorative options for patients and doctors nationwide.


With over 30 years’ experience we confidently and reliably perform these procedures within one facility. After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis, a treatment plan is designed to fit your needs. Immediately after surgery, your new non-removable teeth will help you chew, but more importantly, give you the confidence to smile again.

What Are All on Four Dental Implants?

All on Four dental implants, also known as “teeth in a day,” are full-arch dental replacement for traditional dentures. This treatment replaces a full arch of teeth, and this dental treatment consists of removing the natural teeth, securing four dental implants and affixing a full-arch prosthesis. After the tooth extractions and dental implants heal, our professionals create a customized set of teeth on dental implants for you. When you leave our office, you will have an arch of functional teeth on implants. Ask your dentist if you’re a good candidate for this treatment, and get a consultation with The Dental Implant Aesthetic Center for this prosthetic tooth replacement treatment.

When to Consider Getting All on Four Dental Implants

If your oral health is suffering from gum disease and you need bone grafting before you can get the dental implants you need, consider All on Four dental implants instead. If you’re near Memphis, Tennessee, we can help you achieve the smile you want while keeping your dental implants secure. This treatment makes a great choice for those who don’t tolerate traditional dentures well and those who want a permanent solution to oral health problems related to their natural teeth.


How Do I Get Started

The first step towards a full arch implant, or “all on four” restoration is consultation. During your consultation you will speak with one of our prosthodontists, Dr. Schulter or Dr. Felton, who have been extensively trained in the mechanics of delivering high quality full arch implant restorations that fit you. It is important that we meet with you to understand your dental concerns, your expectations, and to learn about any health conditions that may need special consideration during the process. During your consultation appointment, we begin the records process, which involves information collection, dental impressions (molds of your teeth), photographs, and a CBCT scan. Once your consultation is complete, and all necessary records have been collected, we will be ready to schedule you for your implant placement surgery and the delivery of your new teeth!

What is a CBCT?

CBCT is short for cone beam commuted tomography. It is a medical/dental imaging technique. This technique allows us to capture a 3-dimensional image of your jawbone and it is extremely important and useful in implant dentistry. At the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center, we have CBCT imaging capability, so we will ensure we have the images and detail necessary to plan for safe implant placement.

The day of your Procedure

At the time of your procedure, we will extract the teeth (if needed) and place the implants that will support the temporary restoration. This advanced treatment technique requires a skilled surgeon and prosthodontist to achieve the results that allow the patient to leave the same day with fixed teeth on implants in just a couple of hours.

Do I get my final teeth the same day I have my implants placed?

The teeth you receive the day you have your implants placed are temporary. These temporary teeth, are very similar to your final teeth, but they must remain in place until your implants have fully healed, which takes about 3-6 months. Once your implants have healed, we will remove the temporary teeth, complete records to capture your healed implants and get started on making your final teeth. This is an exciting time because you will have gained experience with your temporary implant restoration during healing and you will be more confident during the process of making your final teeth!


Your first choice for "All on Four" full arch implant restorations

Chris M.

Chris M.

When I lost my tooth, I didn’t want to show my smile. Dr. Felton explained the implant process in a way that I could really understand and I was confident that I had come to the right place.  She placed my implant and my new tooth gave me back the confidence to smile again.

Dodie C

Dodie C

I am so pleased to be in the hands of the doctors at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center, I have total confidence in them. The office staff is so welcoming and made me feel comfortable and I am convinced I will be take care of.

Leslie M

Leslie M

We’ve been going to Dr. Schulter for at least 30 years. I’ve had a broad range of services completed at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center, from cleanings, to crowns, and dental implants. In 2012, I fell and damaged several of my front teeth. I was able to get on the schedule for an emergency visit…