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Benefits of Visiting a Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in treating complex facial and dental matters, including dental implants, bridges, jaw disorders, crowns, and more. Prosthodontists help restore natural teeth using various methods, helping replace missing parts of the mouth or teeth. 


What Is a Prosthodontist? 


Dentists are able to specialize in certain fields. Prosthodontists are dentists that undergo 3 additional years of studying to specialize in the replacement and restoration of teeth. 


Prosthodontics vs. General Dentistry 


General dentists are able to treat standard dental issues. This can include regular checkups, treating cavities, teeth whitening and more. Dentists have the training and expertise needed to carry out oral exams and can recommend specialists should your dental needs require a more specific approach. 


Prosthodontics specifically focuses on tooth, implant, and full mouth restoration. They’re the specialists needed if you’re dealing with severely damaged teeth, missing teeth or broken teeth. Prosthodontists have undergone additional schooling and certifications to specialize in this area of dentistry. 


Benefits of Seeing a Prosthodontist 


When it comes to achieving a healthy smile you’re proud of, it’s important to work with specialists. Prosthodontists spend an additional 3 years studying dentistry, allowing them to specialize in unique dental needs involving missing, damaged or broken teeth. 


While general dentists can offer various treatments to help restore natural teeth, prosthodontists have the additional training needed to treat areas of the mouth that are missing teeth. Depending on your situation, you may require a complex treatment plan. This is why it’s best to choose a trained prosthodontist for tooth restoration. 


Prosthodontists can improve your smile, especially if you have a complex set of needs. They’re the specialists needed to recommend a treatment plan to achieve a smile you’re proud of. 


Prosthodontists are helpful for aesthetic reasons but if you’re missing teeth they can also help. Missing teeth usually affects your ability to chew or speak normally. For a healthy mouth, you need to achieve a normal bite that allows you to chew as you once did and pronounce words properly. When you choose to work with a prosthodontist, you can be confident that they’ll treat both the aesthetic and practical needs of your smile and teeth. 


Do You Need a Referral? 


You do not need to see a referral to come see our prosthodontists. If you have complex dental needs or want to see someone with advanced training in full mouth restoration and implant dentistry, we would love to help you reach your dental goals. You also do not need a referral for your dental insurance to apply for prosthodontic treatment and you can possibly get reimbursed for covered treatment costs. 


Get in Touch 


If you’re in need of tooth or mouth restoration, get in touch with our expert team today to find out how we can help. Request a consultation and a member of our team will discuss the next steps. For restoring, enhancing and preserving the aesthetics of your smile, Dental Implant Aesthetic Center is here for you.