Implant Supported Prosthesis

Restoring smiles with full arch implant supported restorations has been available by our doctors since 1985, and these patients are still smiling today with their restorations. We have improved these techniques and the aesthetics it offers our patients. You can come in, have the procedure done, and recall very little discomfort during treatment. You will leave with new teeth on the same day, with the ability to eat and smile beautifully again. After the procedure, continued comfort and care will be our focus as we maintain the look and feel of your restoration for many years to come.


Same Day Teeth

We have developed a technique called Same Day Teeth. How can this be done you may ask? With the experience of our Board Certified Oral Surgeon and Prosthodontist we can work together in planning and the delivery of Same Day Teeth. We start by designing a restorative prosthesis before treatment and CAD/CAM manufacturing of the prosthesis to be delivered at the time of treatment. By understanding the digital world and using it to our advantage, we can create the best treatment possible for you. Our goal is to give you your smile back and allow you to eat the foods you always wanted to eat, but were unable to. A great smile is a healthier you.

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I am so pleased to be in the hands of Dr. Schulter and Dr. Williams. I have total confidence in them. The office staff is so welcoming and made me feel comfortable and I am convinced I will be take care of.
— patient
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We have been going to Dr. Schulter and team for almost 30 years. They have always taken care of us — whether going above and beyond to work us in immediately for urgent requests or just providing consistent friendly, efficient, and competent service. We trust them completely to provide the greatest dental care possible. Thank you!
— patient