3D Imaging

The Dental Implant Aesthetic Center utilizes the Hitachi CB MercuRay CT scanner with its cone beam technology to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment planning with a reduction in cost, time, and radiation to the patient. 

Our CT scanner offers the ability to slice images of 1 mm thickness and a 3D reconstruction of facial anatomy. The images can be placed on a lite viewer CD for referring doctors and consultations. This viewer allows for offsite viewing of critical information concerning diagnosis and treatment planning. The 3D imaging gives detailed 3 dimensional views of the facial anatomy and can be manufactured into a 3D model for grafting and surgical procedures. 


  • Seated Scan
  • 10 second scan time
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Higher resolution and accuracy than other CT scanners and traditional X-Rays
  • Advanced diagnostic software
  • Surgical planning software
  • TMJ diagnostic scans
  • Digital Radiographic procedures

Diagnostic & Treatment Planning Technology 
Diagnosis and treatment planning is the key to successful treatment in all dental procedures and especially in dental implants. With all implant placement the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center uses a CT scan with special software and diagnostic models to determine exact tooth position and design of the restoration. In addition to these treatment plans, the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center offers a thorough clinical evaluation and a review of your medical and dental history. Our special software interfaces with the CT scan data which allows a precise diagnosis and exact positioning when placing the implant. With this information we can perform procedures not available in a non specialty supported practice. 

CT Scans Assisting Surgical Placement of Implants 
Most X-Rays taken before placement of implants are panoramic x-rays. Panoramic x-rays give the doctor a 2 dimensional picture of the patient’s bone structure. This allows the doctor to see only the height of the bone in the mouth and may not give a completely accurate picture of the quantity and quality of bone due to distortion from magnification. CT Scans allow for a realistic 3 dimensional image of the patient in which the doctor can see contours of the bone and the actual anatomical structure without distortion. With this 3 dimensional image the doctor can use software that will allow for virtual placements of implants. By taking these precautions before surgery, patients will have a reduced rate of complications and shorter surgeries. The Dental Implant Aesthetic Center offers the best care available with cutting edge technology to give patients the best results possible

TMJ Diagnosis 
CT scans can help significantly in the diagnosis of TMJ problems. TMJ problems happen due to bone to bone contact and grinding between the condyle and fossa bones. Since CT Scans give the doctor a 360 degree 3 dimensional image it is much easier to tell exactly where and what the problem is. CT scans also allow for doctors to tell if there is a loss of soft and hard tissue when bone to bone contact is present. With the use of a CT scan, doctors can better diagnose treatment for TMJ disorders without the use of invasive procedures. All TMJ CT Scans will have a complete reading