After placement of dental implants: Do not disturb the wound on the day of surgery by rinsing, spitting or touching.  If a metal healing cap is visible in the gum tissue it is normal and is no cause for concern.

Bleeding: Minimal bleeding is normal for 24-48 hours.  If your mouth is filling up with blood rapidly, place a gauze pad on the site and squeeze down for at least 30 minutes.  If this fails to slow the bleeding down please call our office for further instructions.

Swelling: Swelling is to be expected after surgery and can be minimized by applying ice to the cheek for 20 minutes on/20 minutes off.  Repeat this as much as possible for the first two days after your surgery.

Diet: Restrict your diet to only liquids until the numbness wears off.  After the numbness is gone you can begin with soft foods and progress to a normal diet as soon as possible.

Pain: Take your first pain pill before the numbness goes away.  For the first 24 hours after surgery you may have to take the narcotic pain medication that is prescribed for you.  For moderate pain you may find that 1-2 Tylenol, 2-3 Advil (Ibuprofen), or 1-2 Aleve may be enough to help stop the pain.  If you find that you are taking large amounts of your pain medication or at frequent intervals please call our office.  If you anticipate that you will need more pain medications during the weekend, you must call for a refill during weekday business hours.

Antibiotics: Be sure to take the prescribed antibiotics as directed until they are gone to help prevent infection.

Oral hygiene: Good oral hygiene is essential for healing.  The mouth rinse prescribed should be use as directed.  Warm salt water (1tsp salt:1c warm water) can be used 4-5 times a day to promote comfort after meals.  You should begin brushing on the day of surgery but avoid the surgical areas for 7 days.

Activity after surgery: Keep physical activity to a minimum after surgery, and be aware that exercise can cause throbbing and bleeding at the surgical sites.  If this occurs, stop the activity immediately. 

Wearing your prosthesis: The doctor will inform you when you can begin wearing your denture/partial again.


If you have any further questions please call our office 901-682-5001.  If it is after business hours and of an emergency nature please press “0” to speak to an operator and Dr. Williams will return your call ASAP.